Dr. Mohsin Wali Gerihope Clinic



Padmashree Award winner, Dr Mohsin is a very reputed and highly demanded doctor of great prestige. Dr. Wali has served as a full time doctor for the presidents of India, Shri R. Venkataraman and Shankar Dayal Sharma. Apart from this, he was asked by the President Dr. Zakir Hussain's family has been appointed to serve. Dr. Wali, born in 1953, in Uttar Pradesh, Bijnor in India, has been selected by the Union Public Service Commission as an expert and now as a consultant in the field of medical in the field of medical research and education graduate , Associated with Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi. He is the only doctor in India, formally trained in Geriates. He has played an important role in the launch of geriatric drug in India through the Faculty of Geriatrics, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, USA. UU He is a trained person in the treatment of dialysis water in Germany alone, through his untiring efforts, significant levels of dialysis quality improved in India. Dr. Wali has contributed a large number of book quotes, chapter in API textbooks, national and international reputable journals. Dr. Wali has been awarded a prestigious fellowship for the recognition of his work in preventive cardiology from the American College of Cardiology (USA) during 2005. The World Health Organization also provided scholarships through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in Geretics. Dr. She has been successful during the AGA Institute in Gastroenterology by the American Society of GE (USA). Dr. M. Wali has got a prestigious gold medal for India, which has been awarded by Cambridge and American Institute of Biography. He has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for Medicine (2010) and Lifetime Achievement Award by India's Economic Institute. Dr. Wali has been serving beyond June 1980 and has always worked beyond the call of duty, which is clear from the data showing NIC maximum patient to his credit. He is putting his strength for the welfare of mankind and has been honored with many national and international awards, as shown by his CV, which is amazing. A unique person, a doctor, empathy, qualification and an accomplished teacher, has already made the service hatrick for the third time the President of India, which has never happened before ... this is a world record. Bennett and Coleman Ltd. - At present, the best allopathic doctor for the last time by Dr. Wali Times Group, the best icon in the field of medicine, Lifetime Achievement Award in Medicine and Fiction has been awarded.




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