Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- For Patients

  • Why do you list doctors if we have to directly walk-in to the clinic?

    The primary purpose of DoctorForMe is to become a meeting point of patient and doctors. We help you find the right doctor for you as per your desired location. Secondly we help you in easing your visit procedure to the doctor. In case there is only walk-in available in a clinic, we help you with correct address and contact details.

  • Is there a better chance of getting an appointment if we book an appointment through DoctorForMe?

    Your chance of booking an appointment through DoctorForMe is same as booking through any other means. We are an independent unbiased site for patients and do not have any tie-ups, relationship or special consideration for any doctor in this regard.

  • In spite of booking an appointment through DoctorForMe, why was I made to wait at the clinic?

    The waiting period depends entirely on the schedule of Doctor / Clinic / Hospital. Taking an appointment ensures your meeting with the doctor and your name registration in the database but actual time of seeing the doctor depends on the situation on that day.

  • How does DoctorForMe sustains itself by giving free service to the patients?

    DoctorForMe has built up a model where it gives details of doctors / clinics to the patients in an unbiased manner. DoctorForMe earns revenue from the unique products that is made exclusively for the doctors.

  • Do I need to carry my DoctorForMe appointment ID / mail while visiting the doctor?

    It is not mandatory to carry your DoctorForMe ID and mail. It is advisable to keep the ID handy in order to get a quick response in case of any query.

  • Many clinics in our area my area are not listed on DoctorForMe. What should I do about it?

    Please visit the doctor / clinic and request them to register on DoctorForMe. We along with numerous other patients will be extremely grateful to you.

FAQ- For Doctors

  • What are the charges for listing my profile on DoctorForMe? What are the Terms & Conditions?

    Listing of doctor’s profile is completely free. Also there are no charges involved for booking an appointment with the doctors. The criteria for successful listing of profile are that you should agree to the T & C mentioned on DoctorForMe website. You should post relevant information about yourself and mention your contact details, timing, address and consultation fee for booking appointments. You must honor all the appointment booked through DoctorForMe and inform us in case of cancellation due to unforeseen reasons.

  • I have multiple clinics across the city. How do I add them?

    You can add multiple clinics in your DoctorForMe account by default. In case you are facing an issue, get in touch with support team through phone and email.

  • How do I get notified about the appointment?

    Every time a patient books an appointment through DoctorForMe, you receive a notification both on the number and email ID given by you. Also the patient receives the confirmation on SMS.

  • Why is DoctorForMe providing free service?

    DoctorForMe believes that the best way of helping patients is by giving unbiased review of doctors hence every doctor can register themselves free of cost to reach to the patients. However if some doctors want to promote themselves they can make a paid profile on DoctorForMe. Also they can advertise on our website.

  • How can I advertise my clinic on DoctorForMe?

    Thank you for choosing us. Please contact

  • What is the procedure of getting listed on DoctorForMe?

    Doctor can register clinic profile as a Free SignUp.

  • I have never asked to be listed on DoctorForMe. Why am I still there?

    Our research team finds out all the top doctors of every locality and registers them on our portal. In most of the case, our field staff must have visited and collected the details from your clinic itself. However if you still want to delist your clinic please contact

  • How much do I owe for every patient that comes through DoctorForMe?

    DoctorForMe does not charge anything for the patients that come to you directly by booking through


  • What is DoctorForMe?

    DoctorForMe is a meeting point for the doctors and patients. It cut down the hassles of finding the right doctors in multiple disciplines by providing the details of best doctors in an area. DoctorForMe provides both elective and effective care to the patients.

  • What does DoctorForMe do?

    Our mission is to help patients in finding best medical services while comparing best treatments online and get all information about healthcare providers, doctor’s clinic and treatment cost nearby.

  • Can I list multiple clinics in one account?

    Yes, multiple clinic locations can be added to your existing account.

  • Whom do I contact if I have a problem with registering myself?

    In case of any query, you can contact us at +91-99990-23300 or you can write to us at

  • What is an inquiry?

    A genuine referral from a person looking for a treatment is known as an enquiry. We deliver the inquiry directly to the clinic depending on the patient’s requirements. In case you do not wish to receive an inquiry from us, it can be turned off.

  • How much does it cost to get patient inquiries from

    If you do want to use paid services, we can guarantee a flow of fresh patient leads on a PPL (price per lead) model. The paid services vary depending on clinic type and location. Email for a price estimate for your clinic.

  • What payment types do you take?

    We accept online bank transfer through NEFT, RTGS or IMPS or a cheque deposited in our favor in our bank account. You can also make an online payment on our website.

  • I have more queries. How do I get an answer?

    We are more than happy to answer all your queries. Kindly email you questions to You can reach us at +91-99990-23300 between 10 am to 6.30 pm IST.