Zenith Plastic Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Centre



The leader in Hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, reconstruction and non-surgical cosmetology in Indore. We provide high-quality, results-based services aimed to provide customer satisfaction. The Centre is run and managed by a team of two Plastic Surgeons who excel in all kinds of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Hair transplant is a fragile and lengthy surgical procedure. The goal of our highly-experienced hair transplant surgeons by this procedure is to regain the lost looks by the re-growing hair in balding areas exactly where hair loss has occurred. Cosmetic surgery is mainly done for face, nose, breast, weight loss andante aging. Reconstruction covers burn reconstruction, trauma reconstruction, congenital deformity and sex change surgery. The non-surgical cosmetology includes laser treatment, filler, chemical peels and dermabrasion. If you are looking for reliable and best cosmetology or hair transplant services in Indore city, then you have landed on the right page.




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