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Dr Partha Sarathi's Asian Hair & Skin Hospitals was found in 2014. Located in the heart of Bangalore, it has opened three more branches in different part of Bangalore. During the short span of 4 years, AHSH has gained the confidence of more than 1.25 lacs clients, not only from Bangalore but from different part of India. We do a thorough computerized hair analysis then try to find out the actual cause of the hair fall. After that, we do blood investigations, biopsy etc. We go to the root of the problem and then try and solve it with the help of advanced medical science. Skin and hair plays a major role in one’s appearance. This is where we come forward to help you with our proven cosmetology, trichology and aesthetic solutions. Skin being the largest and outermost organ of the body. Skin needs special care. Skin is prone to various diseases and one’s bodily disorders too are reflected on the skin. Continuous exposure to the sun and the environment definitely takes a toll on ones’ skin.


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1 Dr Partha Sarathi Dutta Roy Dermatologist

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