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  • Ankur Malhotra Haryana

    I gained more youthful look that I could not get even after trying so many other alternatives for hair restoration. I got completely natural, aesthetic and permanent hair that are impossible to detect even for the barber.

  • Manoj Bhatnagar Amaravati

    I never thought that I would ever overcome being bald. I always admired to walk confidently and being perfect again, but it had to come again after reaching the right specialist for my hair loss. Meeting this specialist was a goal.


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Fue Hair Transplant

We are known for providing FUE procedure done with extreme care by adopting the internationally recommended standards and processes. Follicular unit extraction method is the most advanced and reliable solution for treating the baldness of any level.During the procedure, we take out the single follicles from donor area and plant it in the recipient area so before understanding about the procedure there is need to understand the concept of donor and recipient area.

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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is the gold standardized method of grafting which is considered to be the permanent technique for hair restoration in which small grouping of the healthy hair follicles is extracted and implanted in the thinning or balding area.This procedure is preferred by the patients as it is more result oriented than the other non surgical solutions and have the high successful rate. It is the long term solution for the hair restoration in which higher level of baldness is corrected.

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PRP Therapy

At VJ’s cosmetic and hair transplant center, PRP has been offered as the proactive therapeutic option for the patients suffering from hair loss. It is safe and effective treatment option for the patients that are seeking for the stimulation of hair growth.PRP is the all natural autologous medical procedure for scalp, skin and hair stimulation.Then the anesthesia is administered in the nerves of scalp so that patient can have painless procedure.

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Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplantation is the surgical restoration of the facial hairs in the areas where the hair are thin or missing like the Goatee, mustache areas, beards, sideburns and cheeks. These transplants can also be done to conceal the scars of either injuries or acne.This procedure can be performed only by the surgeon who is certified and experienced in the cosmetic or plastic surgery as this surgery must be done after considering the dynamics of facial features and the symmetry on both ends. ‘

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Hair Transplant In Men

Hair is valuable asset for men as loss of it can dent their self esteem and attractive personality. Even hair loss can become obstacle for the career of youngsters. So going hair can be matter of concern for everyone and noticing the abrupt and continue hair loss can be disturbing for all. Hair loss can be problem for both men and women so they both look for the reliable option to restore their lost hair and confidence. Hair transplant is the widely proved and accepted method for hair restoration in surgical way.

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Hair Transplant In Women

Losing hair is like nightmare for women as hair is part of their identity so it is quite obvious to get worried after noticing the abrupt hair fall. Even when women notice excessive hair loss or thinning of hair then they get panic.In such panic situation women try various hair care products and the treatments that could restore their valuable asset. Surgical hair transplantation is among them best option for females as it will give them lifetime assurance for hair restoration.

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