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About Kaayakalp

The cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a growing surgical branch which helps millions of people worldwide. The reason to undergo a cosmetic treatment are many, be it a laser procedure or a surgery, but the outcome of a younger self and an improved version of one is usually the end result. Without doubt to offer the right cosmetic treatment to the right person is best understood by a Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon. For the person looking for a cosmetic procedure the biggest challenge is to find the Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in the city.

The word Kaayakalp is derived from the Sanskrit word; kaaya (body) and kalp (wish) which clearly defines the very essence of the centre. The well known plastic surgery centre at Kolkata has a well organized office, a waiting room and a convenient street level parking directly in front. The centre with its modern state of the art medical equipments offer services all performed by well trained and qualified medical professionals.

Headed by Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore, the team of plastic surgeons offers a range of cosmetic surgeries. The expertise, experience and professionalism of the team make the center the premier destination for all cosmetic surgery procedures. The centre offers valuable consultation with appropriate guidance to the individual’s procedural requirements while strictly maintaining your confidentiality. We also customize the treatments according to the individual’s needs, combining different therapies to give a final beautiful make over. When you come to Kaayakalp you will know that you are in safe and experienced hands.
Taking charge of your life, transforming yourself in the hour of need is what we offer at Kaayakalp.