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Our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is made up of world class medical professionals who deeply value your health and wellbeing. We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric care and health education.Proactive and preventative measures help keep our community healthier, and we work with that idea in mind. Explore Clinic has the wellness services you’d like when you’re feeling fine, and the emergency services you need when illness or injury strikes. Come in for a check-up.

Hair fall no longer has to be permanent. With procedures such as hair transplantation available to us, permanent hair fall can be reversed. And while that can put a lot of people at ease, it is important to remember that no medical procedure comes without risks. It is important to do your research and speak to a professional before you rush the treatment.

Our techniques

FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT hair transplant procedure involves the excision of the strip of the skin from the donor portion that contains the follicular units in the pair range of the 3-4 follicular units. After the excision of the strip, the grafts are dissected further containing, 1,2 or 3 grafts and finally transplanted on the recipient portion in order to achieve the Aesthetic outcome of the procedure. The FUT hair transplant is suitable for covering the higher grade of baldness as the technique is able to provide a number of grafts to cover the higher degree of baldness. The FUT is a single method that should opt for covering the higher Norwood class of baldness. It involves the excision of the strip of skin only from the safe donor portion, usually from the back and sides of the scalp containing the DHT resistant hair roots results in life longer grafts forevermore.

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The FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant involves the random punching to extract the hair grafts and there is a limit to achieve the grafts as the random punching does not allow to target the donor portion sufficiently and Surgeons are bound to limit the area. Each punching requires a bit space for further punching that automatically decreases the donor area and a major drawback of this procedure is that they target the graft from unsafe areas also that gives the temporary outcome of the procedure. In the case of FUE procedure, there may be the requirement for the further hair restoration procedure, which cannot be fulfilled by the another FUE as it is hard to perform two sittings with the FUE and multiple sittings are not possible and are an expensive one also. It is applied in the case of body hair transplant, i.e., Beard, Moustache, eyebrows, etc.

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