What is Covid 19 Latest Update?

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Originated in the Wuhan city of China in November 2019, COVID-19 has now spread to around 209 countries and territories and the number of cases is increasing at an alarming rate. Looking at a global figure, the number of total confirmed cases is 1,275,856 out of which 262,999 have recovered and total death count rose to 69,514.
United States, Spain, Italy, Germany and France remain on the top in the list of affected nations because of the sustained local transmission. 337,638 cases have been confirmed in US causing 9,647 deaths. Spain is at the second place with 131,646 confirmed cases with 12,641 deaths so far. Italy follows with 128,948 confirmed cases and 15,887 deceased. Germany and France are also showing scaring figures, i.e. – 100,123 and 92,839 confirmed cases respectively.

What is Covid 19 Latest Update?

Coming to the status of COVID-19 in India, there are a total of 4,067 confirmed cases, 295 of the affected have recovered and a total of 109 deaths till date. States contributing the most in making up this number are Maharashtra ( 690 cases ), Tamil Nadu ( 517 cases ), Delhi ( 503 cases ), Telangana ( 321 cases ) and Kerala ( 314 cases ).
Except for Antarctica, all the continents are affected by this pandemic and now the majority of cases and deaths are coming from outside mainland China, where the outbreak started. WHO has estimated the virus’s mortality rate at about 3.4%.

Most of the governments have ordered more than half of the populations to stay home to cut down on the local transmission of the virus. Help them and keep yourself and others safe by practicing social distancing, staying indoors and washing hands frequently.

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