How to Check is main Symptoms of COVID-19 Or Allergy

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Scared of contracting COVID-19? Beware, it might be just an allergy!

With the corona virus pandemic spread across almost half the planet, everyone is feeling restless and scared. Every throat tickle or nose drop is a suspect. Normal cough, cold, sneezing is being confused with the COVID-19 symptoms and hence panic lead actions which can be life threatening. Here we are explaining the key symptoms of COVID-19 to help you distinguish those from the normal flu symptoms. The severity of these varies from person to person. Some might show mild symptoms and some might show severe ones.

How to Check is main Symptoms of COVID-19 Or Allergy


A runny or congested nose, sore throat, headache and feeling unwell are the most common symptoms of ‘common cold’ which persists round the year. Mild cough and sneezing might occur too. But more severe symptoms like fever and shortness of breath are not associated with common cold. It can be cured by general medications by a pharmacist or your routine doctor. The common cold usually resolves within one week since the onset of symptoms.


Pollen counts are continuously increasing as the spring season in its full swing. Most people are allergic to pollens and are totally unaware of it and tend to confuse the symptoms with those of common cold. Itchy eyes, itchy nose, sore throat and even runny nose and headache in some people are the symptoms you would have if you have allergies. If aware of the condition and with the consultation of an allergist, allergies can be cured. Nasal sprays are quite helpful. If your symptoms improve with this, then it might not be COVID-19, but just seasonal allergy. Also, allergies generally linger on for months, so the timeline could help you know if it is due to the corona virus or not.


Flu comes suddenly as compared to the gradual onset of common cold. And the symptoms it brings along are fever, chills, exhaustion, muscle aches, fatigue. And in some runny nose and sore throat too. However vomiting and diarrhoea are seen generally in children and not in adults. The duration of symptoms in approximately one week and does not involve shortness of breath or any other lung related problems. Medications can help in limiting the duration of influenza symptoms. Time line for cure ranges between 5-7 days in most cases.

If you find your symptoms similar to any of the above, then do not panic. Do not rush to the hospitals because the most common hotspots of COVID-19 are the hospitals only. Take online consultations and follow the doctor’s advice. If you have prolonged symptoms, problem in breathing or your doctor suggests you to go for COVID-19 testing then only go for it. And in majority of COVID-19 cases, there are no symptoms shown and hence the best way to keep yourself and your near and dear ones safe is to practice social distancing, washing hands frequently, wearing masks and using hand sanitizers.

Stay home, stay safe.

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